Stop playing small when it comes to your business or big dream.

Cultivate the mindset to quit believing the lies that have held you back. 

Step into the bold confident woman you were created to be! 

I see you with the big dream...

You know in your heart the impact you want to create in the world but it feels so far away. 

And you know deep down that it's possible but you keep hitting roadblocks that make you feel like it's never going to happen. 

When you start to take action you feel like an imposter and think "Who am I to do this..." 

You find yourself in the compare and despair trap and it seems like everyone else has it figured out.

You have some BIG goals, you're tired of playing small, and you're ready to create some forward momentum in your business. 

I want you to know that if the dream is in your heart- It is for YOU. 100%

Somewhere along the way, you started believing lies about who you were and what was possible for you. 

Life happened and you lost some of your confidence. 

I'm here to help you get it back. 

It's time to rewrite your story and begin a new one! A new story, where you get to be the hero for yourself and others because you decided to SHOW UP and play all out! 

I cannot wait to watch you step into being the bold confident woman you were created to be. 

It is simpler and closer than you think! 

Hi, I'm Heidi,

I'm a certified coach for heart-centered women who want to grow their solo businesses or teams in order to make a larger IMPACT in the world. 

My expertise is helping you find your confidence, get clear on  your message and mission, and scale your business right along with your belief in what's possible for you! I use many science-based methods for helping you rewire your mindset and break through limiting beliefs and self-sabotage so you can get into action building your empire!  

Sneak Peek...

Here's a peek at what we'll be diving into over the course of our six weeks together!

  • Creating Confidence: Building an unshakable belief in yourself and your business is key to reaching your goals. If your confidence in either area has been lacking, your business is being impacted. Let's get you back on the path to unbeatable confidence!

  • Clarifying & Strengthening Your Vision: Gain massive clarity and focus around your big vision but also exactly who your ideal client is and how you will communicate with and serve them.

  • Removing the Roadblocks: This is a game-changer! Let go of the limiting thoughts, beliefs, and stories that have held you back from fully showing up in your business. 

  • CEO Mindset: Learn how to run your business instead of letting your business run you. Get the mindset tools you'll need to become the CEO of your life and business.

  • Level Up Your Productivity: Manage your day like a boss. Learn productivity hacks that will keep you from wasting time and energy on the wrong things. Discover and how to recognize when you may be self-sabotaging your output and how to stop it. 

  • Action + Accountability: Create a realistic and measurable plan for the action you'll take in your business and the accountability you'll need to have in place to get there. 

What's Included?

 Lifetime Access to All Modules, Templates, and Worksheets

✔ WEEKLY LIVE Coaching with Access to Recorded Calls

✔ Private Slack Community- to ask questions, get support, and make connections

✔ Bonus: 2-Months Instant Access to THE VAULT- learn and practice breathwork, meditation, and mindset tools inside our ever-growing online resource library

✔ Bonus: 1:1 Deep Dive Coaching Session with Heidi

✔ Lifetime Access to All NEW Future Modules and Materials

✔ Bonus! 30-Day Planner + Evening Check-In


Johnnie Thomas

Life Chiropractic Center

Working with Heidi was one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself. She has a way of bringing out the truth without you feeling judged. Her passion for personal growth is obvious when she is fully committed to you in each session and beyond. 

I highly recommend Heidi as a life coach to anyone wanting to grow personally, professionally, spiritually and improve their self confidence. 

Nichole Mischke

Nichole Mischke Media

Heidi truly wants the best life for everyone and the love and passion she has in guiding her clients to be the best version of themselves is undeniable.

I would highly recommend her to anyone to go to the next level in self-discovery, professional development and/or meaningful relationships.

Sarah Carelton

Gather & Savor

Heidi is a compassionate and gracious coach. She has a way of walking with you in kindness and validation of what you're sharing/struggling with while also challenging you to grow and the best version of yourself. She gets to know you as a whole person and it becomes very apparent that she doesn't use a cookie cutter approach but rather is very intentional about create customized coaching and guidance. She helped bolster me and was so encouraging of me in my growth journey.

CJ Curtis

The Garden Cafe

Heidi is probably one of the most real and understanding women I’ve ever met! The wisdom and grace she imparted to me in our short 8 weeks will live with me a lifetime! She was real and willing to share her struggles and life experiences with me and the things that helped her to learn, grow and love others and herself thru them! 

If you are considering working with her please JUST DO IT and be blessed.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does this program cover?

    Each week we will be diving into a topic that will help you create confidence, rewrite any limiting stories, clarify your vision, makeover your mindset, become more productive, and get into action so that you can make a greater impact!

  • How do the coaching calls work?

    The weekly group coaching calls are LIVE on zoom so you can get coaching from me and interact with the other women in the group in real-time.

  • When are the group coaching calls?

    When you join a cohort you will find an availability poll inside the course area. We will poll the group to see what day of the week and time works for group calls. If you cannot make a call, don't worry- recordings are posted in the group.

  • I'm in MLM is this a good fit for me?

    Yes! If you have a business that you want to scale, this is a good fit for you! This program is great for solopreneurs, network marketers, direct sales, makers, and creatives.

  • What if I'm unable to attend one of the calls?

    Life happens. I totally get it. If you’re not able to make one of the group coaching calls. Don’t worry girl, I’ve totally got you! All of the group calls will be recorded and posted in the course area in both audio and video formats so that you can listen or watch the replay if you missed it or review any of the calls again if you choose.

  • I’ve already got a lot going on, will there be homework?

    We'll do most of our coaching work together on the calls and you'll also get video modules, tools, and worksheets you can dive into at your own pace.

Course Reviews

5 star rating

This was a game changer for me personally and my business!

Kelly Enfield

Taking this course, I was nervous about the commitment but knew I needed to show up in my business as a leader, but there were mindset blocks holding me back...

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Taking this course, I was nervous about the commitment but knew I needed to show up in my business as a leader, but there were mindset blocks holding me back. This course gave practical ways to work through these road blocks allowing me to take a jump in my business. Having practical tools to work through, I have been able to manage my time as a mom and run my business with less overwhelm being proactive rather than reactive. Thank you Heidi!

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This year can be different! When you invest in yourself, everything changes!