1:1 Coaching with Heidi

Includes Membership to THE VAULT

Think of your membership to THE VAULT as your gym...

It has everything you need to achieve transformation on your own.

Think of your private coaching sessions as time with your personal trainer...

You are going to work harder and accomplish faster results because you are:

1. Invested

2. Powerfully supported

Johnnie Thomas

1:1 Coaching Client

Working with Heidi was one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself. She has a way of bringing out the truth without you feeling judged. Her passion for personal growth is obvious when she is fully committed to you in each session and beyond. 

I highly recommend Heidi as a life coach to anyone wanting to grow personally, professionally, spiritually and improve their self confidence.

Nichole Mischke

1:1 Coaching Client

Heidi Sawyer is such a genuine, intuitive soul. My 8 coaching sessions with her were really eye opening and helped me uncover some unconscious beliefs I still had. I love how encouraging she was to inspire me to get on a morning routine, to be intentional with my time and decisions, but to also have grace for myself when I fell off course. 

Heidi truly wants the best life for everyone and the love and passion she has in guiding her clients to be the best version of themselves is undeniable. I would highly recommend her to anyone to go to the next level in self-discovery, professional development and/or meaningful relationships.

Sarah Carelton

1:1 Coaching Client

Heidi is a compassionate and gracious coach. She has a way of walking with you in kindness and validation of what you're sharing/struggling with while also challenging you to grow and the best version of yourself. She gets to know you as a whole person and it becomes very apparent that she doesn't use a cookie cutter approach but rather is very intentional about create customized coaching and guidance. She helped bolster me and was so encouraging of me in my growth journey. 

One of my biggest take-aways from my 3 months of coaching with Heidi was to have more compassion for myself on the journey that I'm on. I am almost 40 years old and this was my first time ever being officially coached in my life. I am so thankful I went for and invested in myself in this way. I am worth it, you are worth it, if you're thinking of going for it, DO IT! You won't regret it for a single moment. 

Why we feel stuck...

Our brains are wired to find the negative, so naturally many of us find ourselves unconsciously operating from a place of judgment, comparison, fear, and lack. 

And even though you know you "should" feel grateful. It can feel like what you have is never enough or worse, you are never enough.

You feel like your outside circumstances need to change right now. 

Maybe you're thinking...

I need to lose weight but I never stick with anything long enough

I'm overwhelmed. It feels like I'll never complete everything on my to-do list 

I know I'm capable of so much more but keep stopping myself

Gaining control over your thoughts, worries, and anxiety can seem impossible at times but it's easier than you think once you have the right tools. 

It's time to stop doing what's no longer working for you and apply some new techniques to help you get present, clear, and focused so you can- stop sabotaging your own happiness and start living life to the fullest!

Here's the good news...

You can master your mind.

I believe that the answer to finding fulfillment is already within each of us. My job as a coach is to provide you with the tools, accountability,  and guidance to help you start showing up as the best version of YOU. 

This is not just about having a good attitude or positive self-talk. This is much more complex and powerful and it will change you at the core. 


Just Imagine...

All of this is possible for you and are easier to achieve than you think! You are just one decision away from a totally different experience of life.

  • Being more present and patient regardless of what's happening at the moment

  • Quieting your self-judgment and critical inner voice

  • Clarity around your passions, principals, and purpose

  • Finally taking those aligned action steps toward your goals and dreams

  • Moving beyond the false stories and fears that have held you back

  • Having closer relationships and a better marriage

  • Living up to your full potential

  • Loving yourself unconditionally